We hit record lows this weekend.  Temperatures in the teens before we’ve even hit Thanksgiving is NOT my idea of a good time.  Between the shorter days and the bitter cold, I’d kind of like to channel my inner brown bear and go into hibernation.

No, don’t worry. This picture is from last year. It hasn’t actually snowed yet.

Although hibernation isn’t actually a practical option for humans, we’ve recently discovered something called ‘Hygge’. (I haven’t a clue how to pronounce it, since we’ve only ever read about it.) Essentially, it’s a Danish concept of staying cozy and embracing the wintertime rather than dreading the cold and dark days. Okay, okay.  I still dread the dark and cold.  But Hygge is about making the most of the season as a time to stay in and stay snug–to rest, read, spin wool into yarn, knit yarn into mittens, and enjoy hot meals and warm drinks.  It’s about not focusing on the chilly grey outside but looking forward to planning for the spring, and taking the opportunity to slip into bed early instead of cursing the dark evenings.

Handmade wool socks! It turns out, Steve is a fantastic knitter.

Like I blogged about last year, it also means it’s time to get break out the winter clothes! The only way to practice Hygge is to be ready for the cold. And that means even as a working, homeschooling, homesteading, crazy mom of 3, I need to be looking out for myself and making sure that I too am ready to take on the winter.  I’m armed with wool socks, good boots, a warm coat, and this year–driving gloves!  I’m already appreciating the fleece lined leather that made it possible to endure the freezing steering wheel the past couple of days, and I’m sure that I will be thoroughly enjoying all the other coziness that Hygge will bring to us this winter!  My only regret is that we don’t have a fireplace or woodstove to curl up in front of, but you can be sure there will be lots of hot cocoa with marshmallows in our Hygge-ing future.

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