That First Post

That First Post

If you like to laugh at the expense of foolish couples who:

  • are looking to live off the land with no prior learningsCarrying Seed
  • think that book smarts without practical experience might, in some way, qualify them for work in the
  • like to dive into things without ‘starting small’ and expect a favorable outcome
  • recently graduated from ‘Google It University’…

… then you’ve probably come to the right place.

To start, we moved into what I affectionately call a Dollhouse. Who needs a big house after all? Aren’t 290 square foot low carbon footprint homes all the rage now anyway? Okay, so we’re not quite that small. Our three boys just make it seem that small!

The house did, however, come on 7.5 acres of mostly-wooded land that we hope to learn to live off of and raise animals on. Nothing commercial, mostly just enough to feed our family and perhaps share/sell any extra. A mini-farm, so to speak.

Jane, Don & BetsyDo we have any idea what we’re doing? Well, we’ve read about how on the Internet.  So no, not really. We’ve armed ourselves with about a dozen ‘Storey’s Guides’ and ‘Country Know-How’ manuals, and an unfulfilled dream to produce our own food by working alongside one another as a family to get us through.

Currently, we raise French Angora Rabbits and are awaiting the arrival of Cayuga ducklings. We have 13 fruit tree saplings that we hope will one day bear fruit, dozens of sugar maples waiting to be tapped in just a couple of months, and too many projects to count.

I hope you’ve buckled up, because I’m sure it’s going to be quite a ride.

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