Yes, They ARE Still Here

Yes, They ARE Still Here

The French Angora Rabbits haven’t been featured here on the blog in quite awhile, but I assure you all that yes, they are indeed still here. Our bucks are Olaf & Aesop, junior bucks are Henry & Benny, and our does are Hester, Elinor, Agatha & Laura. (Our pet Netherland Dwarf, Lucy, died last month at the age of 15.) So, we currently own 8 purebred French Angoras.

Hester and Aesop are both blowing their coats so I spent the morning gathering some of their wool. Laura should also be ready to blow her coat very soon. I take a lot of pride in Laura. She was bred by us, and she has the nicest wool of our rabbits. When we do have more time and space (I think I’m funny) I’d like to have her bred and try to get a good buck out of her.

This is Laura. She is our largest rabbit and she has the thickest, longest wool.

We’ve waffled back and forth about what to do with the rabbits as of late. Hopefully, if we can get an Etsy shop or some other farm store going that we can feature the wool and handmade yarn in. We have quite a bit of angora wool just waiting to be processed. On the other hand, though we both enjoy the fiber arts (Rachel spins while I knit), it is time consuming and we aren’t always able to get around to it.

I’ve been getting into Fair Isle knitting lately. I think the reason why I like it so much is that it looks far more complicated than it is – you get a great finished project without needing much experience or time to do it.

There you have it! We’ll try to get on here more often; I noticed that last month we had the fewest posts we’ve ever had in a month since we started this website. Part of it was sickness, though another part is that not much happens here in the winter aside from knitting and reading, and those aren’t exactly bloggable topics! But the sap run will likely be this month, we’ll be getting replacement chicks shortly after that, goat kids are (hopefully) coming, honeybees will be arriving and we’ll get to meet our new family member not long after that – Rachel is already halfway along. So don’t worry – bursts of activity are just on the horizon!

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