Well, we’re packed to full capacity here. What with the turkeys and the quarter cow in our freezer, all the milk and eggs… we have officially run out of appliance space.

This arrived Friday… 134 pounds of grassfed beef, locally sourced.

We are very fortunate. We have 4 free range turkeys, a freezer full of grass fed beef, loads of farm fresh eggs and so much raw goat milk that we don’t miss it even when the cheese spoils. If this is not wealth, then I don’t know what is. To quote my grandfather: “We might not have a lot, but at least the food is good.”

The tomatoes got displaced from the freezer in favor of the beef. I guess we can no longer put off putting them into sauce and canning them.


Just an aside: chickens are funny about how they provide eggs. They have 3 nestboxes… think that’s enough for 4 hens? Nope! They refuse to use any nestbox but the one all the way to the left. If it’s occupied by another, the hen will frantically pace outside such as above, waiting to use the preferred nestbox. It’s like watching a toddler dancing outside of an occupied restroom.

In this season of Thanksgiving, we have a warm home and good food… a decent portion of which was raised feet from our front door. What else could we want? Perhaps for next year’s garden to go better, but then I suppose there’s no sense in getting greedy.

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