The Garden: The Good, the Bad and the Mystery

The Garden: The Good, the Bad and the Mystery

This year’s garden has been pretty sorry.

It’s our first year with a garden, and as we’ve mentioned, the rain gave us quite the set back.  Almost nothing of what we planned made it into the ground, and what did go in was, well, just off a bit. 

The broccoli turned out kind of ok. We got a couple of little broccoli florets (seriously, they can’t even be described as heads) that were tasty, but that’s about all we can say for it. Mostly, they flowered before getting much bigger than my thumb. We never even got enough at one time to eat as a side dish with dinner.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, the butternut squash took off so fast that at one point we were worried they’d split their skins like tomatoes do. Look at these guys:

Because they don’t have much for necks, I’m sure we will find quite a large seed cavity when we break into them. But since we put in zero effort it’s still a considerable yield for our time!

There’s several more out there that haven’t been picked. We did absolutely nothing to care for it, and we’ll have at least 8 nice big squash for our efforts. Pretty sure this variety is going to be a keeper!  

Now for the really strange. We planted pea plants. The vines took over and went everywhere. And look what they’ve grown:

(L) Pods on the vine.   R) Post-dissection. No real flesh in a wild cucumber, just “netting” keeping each seed in an individual section.

As you can see, these are not peas. With help of some facebook friends, we discovered they are wild cucumber.  Not edible, just strange looking.  And growing EXACTLY where we planted all our peas.  

As huge fans of The Boxcar Children, the boys were thrilled to have a mystery to solve.  Case is closed on the identity of our curious vining plant, but what we still haven’t figured out is: what the heck happened to the peas?

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