Ducks in the Bathroom

Ducks in the Bathroom

          Our ducklings arrived today!  After a nail biting two days in transit (my tracking from USPS refused to update after they arrived at the first post office, and I was terrified that they were actually stuck in the postal system somewhere, scared and starving) they made it to our local post office safe and sound!  31 birds were shipped to us, and only one didn’t make it. 

Cutest package we've ever gotten!
Cutest package we’ve ever gotten!

In fact, the others all arrived hale and hearty!  Somewhat thirsty and hungry, to be sure, but I had been worried we were going to spend the morning reviving weak, dehydrated birds.  Fortunately, they’re all perky and enjoying their new home.

 They are currently residing in two kiddie pools in the master bathroom.

Yep, the master bathroom.  The one that we don’t let the kids in, with the nice heated floors, big shower, and granite vanity top. That bathroom.

img_0765Earlier this afternoon, I sat on the floor, listening to their “peep-peep”, and watching them scurry around. I thought how relaxing it would be to bring my spinning wheel up and spin while watching the ducks after the boys were asleep.

And then I thought, “What on earth?  How did I get HERE? Where we own a spinning wheel, and have ducks in the bathroom, and I’m thinking about sitting down and doing something like that instead of watching Netflix?” And that’s when it hit me.

This homesteading thing?  That dream that we had, that we could do nothing about for so many years?  This is it!!  We’re living it, all of a sudden.  Baby bunnies, ducklings, making yarn for winter hats from wool plucked from rabbits that we raised.

          I was worried that the ‘homesteading life’ wasn’t going to be a good fit for us (well, for me.  I know Steve is more than up to the task).  But now that we’re starting, I can’t even imagine turning back. We have ducks in the bathroom, and it is awesome. 

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(Also, they get really surprised when we flush the toilet, and huddle together on the far side of their pool, all peeping madly.  It’s pretty adorable.)

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